Problems With Your Garage Door Opener That Require A Repair

28 November 2022
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Your garage door opener can work great one minute and then not open your garage door the next time you go to use it. Typical garage door openers will last for many years, but a number of factors play into the longevity of your garage door opener. If you get routine maintenance done, repair small problems, and don't use your door frequently, you can expect the opener to last longer. When your garage door is opening the door slowly or you hear a straining noise, it's important to get your garage door opener inspected and repaired. Read More 

Need A New Garage Door? 4 Components You Should Include In The Installation

31 August 2022
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If you need to have a new garage door installed on your home, don't stop at the door. You might think you'll be fine with only the garage door replacement, but that's not the case. In fact, you could be setting yourself up for problems down the road if you stop at the garage door. Before you install your new garage door, read the information provided below. You'll find four more components you should install at the same time. Read More 

Installing A New Garage Door? How To Choose

9 June 2022
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When the time comes to install a garage door, whether you're building a new garage or replacing an existing door, you'll have some decisions to make. There are several key considerations that will affect how happy you end up being with your garage door once it's been installed. Here's a look at some of the key factors that you need to think about when you're choosing the garage door that's right for your needs. Read More 

Is It Time For Garage Door Opener Replacement?

30 March 2022
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Is your garage door opener on its last legs? If it's making strange noises, failing to open or close properly, or just seems old and outdated, it might be time for a replacement. Here are four signs that you need a new garage door opener. Keep an eye out for them - if any of them apply to you, don't wait any longer to get a new opener installed. 1. The Opener is Too Old  Read More