Problems With Your Garage Door Opener That Require A Repair

28 November 2022
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Your garage door opener can work great one minute and then not open your garage door the next time you go to use it. Typical garage door openers will last for many years, but a number of factors play into the longevity of your garage door opener. If you get routine maintenance done, repair small problems, and don't use your door frequently, you can expect the opener to last longer. When your garage door is opening the door slowly or you hear a straining noise, it's important to get your garage door opener inspected and repaired.

The Door Opens Slower Than Normal

When your garage door is opening slowly, this can be a problem with the tension springs that help hold the heavy weight of the door as it opens and closes. Your opener may be starting to fail, or the issue could be a combination of opener failure and loose tension springs. If you notice a difference in how your garage door opens, take the time to have a residential garage door specialist come to your home to repair the system. 

Your Garage Door Opener Won't Turn On

The first thing to check when your garage door opener won't turn on is the power supply. If you have power going to the unit, make sure that your opener is plugged in. If the opener does nothing when it is plugged in and there is power, you will need to have a garage door repair technician figure out what is going on. The problem could be an electrical issue, or you may need to have your opener replaced.

Your Door Nearly Slams Shut

Your garage door opener controls the movement of your garage door, but it needs the help of your tension springs to slow down your garage door as it closes. If your garage door nearly slams shut when it is closing, this indicates that your tension springs need to be adjusted or replaced. Never touch the garage door springs on your own, as they can snap and cause severe injuries.

If you notice problems with how your garage door opens or closes, call a garage door repair technician to figure out what is going on. Deal with small problems when you can so you can avoid a system failure in the future. Always check that your opener has power and is plugged in before calling a repair technician.