4 Things To Know About A Garage Door Installation

10 July 2023
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If your metal garage door is several years old, rusted, or dented, it's probably time for a new garage door. A new door can make the exterior of your home more attractive, and if you add windows or change your door somehow, it could even give your home a new look. Here are four things about garage door installation to know.

All The Parts Are Changed Along With The Door

A sectional garage door is time-consuming to put together, so you want all the parts that hold it to be in good shape too so the door doesn't have to come down anytime soon. The garage door installation crew will take down the old tracks, even if they look like they're in good shape, and put on the new tracks that come with your new garage door.

A new spring, cables, and other parts will be put on too. You'll probably want a new opener as well, especially when yours is old since newer models have better features, including the ability to connect to your home's smart hub.

The Work Often Requires Two People

Since garage doors are heavy, the work of putting the door together and hanging it in the tracks is often difficult for one person, if not impossible. Two people may not be needed the entire time, but the garage door installation company makes sure enough help is available to install your new door safely and quickly.

The Old Door And Materials Are Hauled Away

You won't have to worry about getting rid of old sectional door panels since the garage door installation company collects all the debris they create and hauls it off for you. They may recycle the materials when possible, but you won't have to worry about getting rid of any of the old parts they take down. If there's a disposal fee necessary by the landfill, the cost is included in your quote, so there should be no surprise charge either.

You Might Get Emergency Help If Needed

You can often call a garage door company for emergency help when your door is stuck in the open or closed position. You don't want your garage door to be a security risk, so the company may come to your home as soon as possible to help with the problem.

You might not get a new garage door right away if the company has to order supplies, but the company may take steps to secure your door until the installation can be done. A garage door installation might take several hours, and you may need to be home, so they'll want to schedule the installation for a convenient time. 

For more information about garage door installation, contact a local company.