Repairing The Problems That Could Hamper Your Garage Door System

10 April 2023
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From time to time, homeowners will face problems with their garage doors. These problems take many forms, but understanding a few answers to basic questions can help you respond to routine garage door problems.

Address Problems With The Garage Door Opener Wall Switch

Garage door opener wall switches are relatively simple devices that can malfunction. Two primary steps in troubleshooting a faulty wall switch are inspecting the wiring connections and replacing a broken switch. Inspecting the wiring connections is essential when encountering issues with your garage door opener wall switch. Loose or damaged wires could be responsible for intermittent or complete loss of functionality. Ensure all connections are secure and free from damage. If necessary, consult an electrician to help address any significant concerns.

If inspecting the wiring does not resolve the issue, it may be necessary to replace a broken switch altogether. Wall switches can wear out over time or become damaged from impact or moisture exposure. Replacing a faulty switch is typically straightforward. Yet, it can be somewhat hazardous due to the need to work with electrical wiring.

Align Garage Door Sensors Properly

Garage door sensors are crucial in ensuring safe operation by stopping the door from closing if any obstruction is detected in its path. These sensors must be clean and correctly aligned to maintain proper functionality. Cleaning sensor lenses should be part of regular maintenance because dirt buildup may cause false readings or decreased sensitivity. You may gently clean the sensor lenses with a mild cleaning solution.

Adjusting sensor positioning is necessary when one or both sensors have been knocked out of alignment due to impact or other factors like loose mounting brackets. Carefully realign the sensors so that they face each other and are level with the ground. You should notice a steady light on both sensors when they're correctly aligned. Many homeowners may struggle with this step, but a garage door opener repair service has tools that make aligning these sensors a simple process.

Repairing Motor-Related Issues

Overheating and worn-out gears are two of the most common issues that will impair your garage door opener's motor. Overheating symptoms may include your garage door opener suddenly shutting down or struggling to function properly during use. If you suspect an overheated motor, ensure debris is cleared from around the unit, and allow it to cool down before attempting operation again.

Worn-out gears within the motor assembly can cause loud grinding noises, slow operation, or complete garage door opener failure. If you believe that worn gears are at fault, contact a professional technician for an assessment and potential replacement of damaged components.

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