Why Your Garage-Door Installation Needs to Be Done By a Professional

30 November 2016
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Do you have a garage door that isn't working like it should? Have you been making plans to fix the door before your vehicle becomes trapped inside? While fixing your screen door on your own may seem like a good way to save money, the truth is that you should probably leave that task to a professional. Although this news may be disappointing to you, a few of the most important reasons for hiring a professional instead include the following.


While the job may look relatively easy, garage-door spring repair is actually relatively dangerous. Due to the size and strength of the spring, if the spring breaks during installation or removal, it can fly off in a random direction and cause serious damage. It's bad enough if the spring hits things that you own, such as your vehicle, but springs can also have enough force to maim or even kill a person should they fly off in that direction. A professional garage-door repair technician knows how to properly minimize these risks so that the potential for damage or injury is significantly reduced. Instead of worrying about whether you'll wind up at the hospital at the end of the day, you can be taking care of other things around your home.


Due to the above-mentioned safety concerns, many garage-door manufacturers are unwilling to sell replacement parts to the public. You may think that you've found all of the parts necessary for your garage-door spring repair only to find out that what you actually ordered was substandard knockoff parts that may not even fit correctly. These parts could be made out of cheaper and weaker alloys than the authentic parts, potentially making them even more dangerous than the real thing. A professional garage-door installer will have the ability to purchase authentic parts, and this will allow him or her to make your garage door as good as new again.


When you order knockoff parts from a different company, it can seem like you're saving money at first. But if the part breaks or doesn't fit at all, you may find yourself unable to return the part. If you order another knockoff part to replace this piece, you'll be adding even more money to the cost of your garage-door spring repair. If you had simply hired a professional in the first place, your cost would be lower than it will if you're needing to repeatedly order parts that aren't working properly.

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