Is Your Garage Door Opening System Getting Old? What To Know

26 March 2016
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Is your garage door starting to act up and you notice that a lot of the chains and cables are rusting? If so, it may be time to invest your money into a new opening system, and to update the model that you use. You can get a modern belt system instead of the older chain models that people used to install in their houses, and this will bring a lot of benefits. Here are a few of the signs that indicate you need to consider getting a new opener.

You Hear a Loud Grinding Noise

Does it sound like the chain is grinding when the door is moving up and down, and is the sound terribly loud? Lubing the chain may not be enough if it's corroded and damaged, and you won't have issues like this with a belt opener. The belt just glides easily around to open the door, and it's a much quieter option.

The Door Shakes

If you can see the door shaking back and forth as it's opening, and you're afraid it's going to drop back down, it's time to replace the opener. It's easy for the garage door chain to get off the track, and then the door will wobble and shake. This can also cause the garage cables and coils to break or get damaged. If you worry the cables may break, you want to get them checked out.

You Have No Wireless Options

Are you able to program and open your garage door with your smart phone? Can you open it from a computer or tablet? If not, then you must need to have a garage door opener in all of your vehicles, or it may be difficult to let someone in if you aren't home. You can get a new system with great wireless feature and options, and you can link it with a home security system.

The new system won't be heard inside the house like the chain opening system can, and it isn't going to rumble every time you use it. Updating the system is best because you don't have to worry about maintaining a chain with oil and lubricant as well. Find a garage door repair company like Kaufman Overhead Door and get a quote to have them replace your current garage door opening system. If you are considering a new door as well, they can give you a quote for that as well.