3 Ways To Customize Your Garage Doors

18 January 2016
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If you are looking for different ways that you can customize your old garage doors, or if you are building a home and want garage doors that are customized to your style of home, then you have many different options. Garages today differ so much depending on the home owner's wants and needs. Garage doors are custom made all of the time that add a level of personalization that you can't find in your traditional garage doors. This article will discuss 3 ways to customize your garage doors. 

Wooden Doors

A fun way to customize you garage door is to have it created from wood. The wood look will give you more of a classic garage door, which can go great with brick homes, or other homes that follow a more timeless theme. You can have a carriage house style of garage created that gives it the old-school look, while still allowing you to have the modern conveniences, such as being automatic. Carriage house doors have gorgeous metal handles, can be made from a variety of wood types, and have gorgeous paneling. 


Adding windows to your garage doors is another excellent way to customize them. You can choose from a variety of window shapes, sizes, and transparencies, making it easy to customize them to what you want. Most garages have windows that go in one or two layers along the top. This allows you to have complete privacy in your garage, while adding customization to your garage door, as well as letting more natural light inside. This natural light can be a great thing if your garage doubles as a workshop, game room, or other room where you will be spending your time during the day. 

Doors To Enter And Exit 

If you really want to customize your garage, then you can have garage doors installed that allow you to enter through one set of garage doors, and exit through another set. This setup is great if you have your garage located in the middle of your driveway and want to easily drive through it. Also, if you want to work on cars in your garage, this will make it much easier to work on them and then drive them through. These garages are installed much like normal garage doors, but the biggest difference is going to be in the structure of your garage itself. 

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