How To Stop The Squeaking From Your Garage Door

10 December 2015
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When you pull into your garage, all you want to do is focus on parking and going into your home. The last thing you want to deal with is an annoying squeaking sound. Additionally, a squeaky garage door can be quite loud. It can disturb not only you when you open and close your garage door, but it can disturb those inside your house as well as your neighbors. Luckily, you only need a few supplies and a couple minutes of free time in order to stop the squeaking from your garage door.

Supplies Needed

  • Step ladder
  • Protective eyewear
  • Silicone-based lubricant (Make sure that you do not use an oil or grease based lubricant; this will actually just encourage dust and debris to build up on your tracks)


First, you need to close your garage door so that you have complete access to the tracks and chains. Let your family and housemates know that you will be working on the garage door so that they don't try to open it while you are working and injure you.

Next, you are going to need to take your stepladder and place it under the tracks on one side of your garage door. There should be tracks on both sides of your garage door; just pick one side to work on first.

Finally, make sure that you have your protective eyewear handy and put it on.

Getting Rid Of The Squeak

Now that everything is set up, you just need to climb up on the step ladder and spray both the track for your garage door and the chain that moves it with the silicone-based lubricant that you purchased. Just spray as far as you can comfortably reach, then get down from the step ladder and move it further along the track. Make sure that you don't spray the actual wheels on your garage door though, just the track and chain. Repeat this process until you have sprayed the entire length of the track and chain on one side.

Then, take your ladder to the other side of your garage door and start at one end of the track and work your way to the other end of the track, spraying lubricant as you go.

After you have lubricated the track and chain on both sides of your garage door, open and shut it several times in a row. Doing this will allow the lubricant to spread out and start working

Once you have completed the process above, your garage door should no longer squeak or make any sounds at all. You may need to repeat this process once or twice a year to keep your garage door squeak-free. If you have any questions, visit a garage door specialist like Shank Door.