Wood-Style Garage Doors Really Bring Out The Visual Splendor Of A Home

14 September 2015
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The common image of a traditional garage door is one with white panels and an appearance that blends in with any type of home. Other options exist. Somewhat non-traditional garage door styles are able to blend nicely into an exterior and add visual brilliance. Garage doors made with wood panels fall under fit such a description. Selecting the right wood-style door and properly weaving it seamlessly into the garage's appearance could change the whole look of the entire property.

Blend the Colors

Once the new garage door has been added, tweaking the rest of the garage may further enhance overall looks. A beige-paneled door installed on a garage that is colored white is not exactly going to deliver a stunning visual appearance. Paneling or painting the rest of the garage makes decorative sense and making the perfect selection of the color will lead to the best of all possible looks. If the garage door is light beige, changing the color of the rest of the garage to a darker shade of brown might lead to fantastic results. The contrast between the two shades of brown would really bring out the look of the door and contribute interesting architectural artistry.

Avoid Solid Color Styles

If the new garage door is one solid wood color, this is not necessarily bad, but the door won't have the same visual impact if the wood was stained and swirled. A mix of lighter and dark wood colors combined with, possibly, black stains allows the door to present a mix of style and artistry. Perhaps the garage door company could honor custom requests to change the appearance to a more preferably one.

Install Tinted Windows

Garage door windows do not have to be clear. Tinted windows are very common because they enhance privacy and keep peering eyes from looking inside. Tinted windows complement wood-style garage doors nicely. Selecting and installing the proper tint shade effectively highlights the wooden door and brings out its splendor.

Explore Lower-Cost Options

Not everyone has a large budget to work with and, thankfully, there are many options available that come with reduced costs. One option is to go with faux (false) wood made of imitation materials and looks a lot like the real thing. Those who do purchase real wood paneling should have the doors covered with a clear protective paint coating designed to prevent cracking, warping, and other damage. This should save money over time.