Garage Door Spring Repair 101 | Information For Homeowners

9 September 2015
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The torsion springs of your garage door serve the crucial purpose of supporting the weight of the door and making it possible for the door to open and close with ease. Therefore, if something goes wrong and one or both of the springs break, your garage door will no longer be functional and will likely be stuck closed. As a homeowner, this can not only be frustrating, but leave you with a few questions. Here are a few of the most common questions about garage door springs and their repair.

What is the best way to get the door open if the garage door springs are broken?

It can prove to be very difficult to get your garage door open without the tensioner springs helping to support the weight. You will basically be left lifting the entire weight of the door on your own, and if you have heavy wooden or steel doors, the sheer volume can be much more than you can handle on your own. If you must open the garage door to remove your vehicle, enlist the help of several people and have a few heavy ladders handy to hold the door open once it is up.

What causes garage door springs to break in the first place?

Garage door springs take a lot of stress overall and are bound to start to wear out over time. However, leaving your garage door open for long periods and lack of proper maintenance can contribute to the early demise of the springs. You should make sure your garage doors move freely by lubricating the panels and moving parts and avoid leaving your door open when the garage is not in use.

How much will you have to pay a professional for garage door spring replacement?

The costs you will have to pay to have the garage door springs replaced on your garage door will vary according to a few different factors. The size and weight of your door, for example, can be a determining factor in the price, because a heavier door requires heavier springs, and heavier springs can take longer to replace. However, in general terms, you should expect spring repair or replacement to cost you somewhere around $300.

Even though dealing with broken garage door springs can be a major hassle, with a little time and attention from a professional, you can have your door operating as it should in no time. If you suspect that your springs are about to break or they already have, talk to a garage door repair technician for information.